Alleged rideshare driver sexually assaults a woman in SUV

A woman, 21-year-old, was sexually assaulted in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. She entered into an SUV which she thought was the rideshare which she had ordered. The woman entered into a gray color SUV at around 1:00 am Saturday, according to the police.

The woman thought that it was the ride which she had ordered. She went asleep in the SUV during the ride and when she got up, she found that a man was sexually assaulting her inside the vehicle. The car was parked in the Schubert and Racine area. The car drive drove the car towards the west on Schubert when the woman got out of the car, according to the police.

The woman was taken to the hospital named as Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. The woman was initially examined there and then released from the hospital. Police said that no one was taken into the custody yet. The investigation is underway by the Area North detectives. The woman fell asleep in the SUV which gave the chance to the SUV driver to sexually assault her, according to the police.

Police said that it was not possible to say whether the person was the driver of the rideshare company. The woman thought before entering the SUV that the vehicle was the rideshare which she had hired. She was not aware of any threat and she fell asleep in the vehicle but when she got up from sleep, she found herself in trouble. A man was sexually assaulting her inside the vehicle.

She, then, got out from the vehicle and the driver rode on towards the west on Schubert. The woman was taken to the area hospital where she got treatment. The hospital released the victim as she was stable. Police and detectives of Area North are investigating the incident. They are not sure whether the driver of the SUV was a rideshare driver or someone else. Further details will be revealed after the investigation of the case.

Senior editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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