At least 14 people gets injured in Navy Pier fireworks

At least 14 people gets injured in Navy Pier fireworks

Some people flashed the gang signs near Navy pier which resulted into a fight, according to the Chicago police. 14 people were injured during the fight and three people got stabbed near Chicago’s Navy Pier. People got injured and stabbed due to an unrelated stampede and fight respectively.

Police said, “The fight begun at around 10:10 pm when the signs of a gang flashed by a group of people”. “A small boy, 14-year-old, was stabbed in the rib and arm and another boy, 15-year-old, was stabbed in the armpit”, Police added. According to the Chicago police, another man, 30-year-old, was stabbed on the face although he was not involved in the fight.

Police said that every entrant to the show was passed through the securing screening and the incident occurred just outside the secured area of the Navy Pier. Another boy, 16-year-old, pricked his leg during the stampede as he ran into a table. Police was not confirmed about his participation in the fight but they thought, initially, that he was also stabbed.

Someone threw a firecracker at the same time towards the exit point which produced an unrelated haste which injured 14 people. Chicago police said, “A stampede resulted into the injury of at least 14 people at the exit point of Navy Pier”. Rocco Alito, spokesman of Chicago Police, said, “Someone yelled gun as far as we believe” which produced a hustle on Thursday.

An eyewitness of the incident told Chris Coffey, NBC5’s anchor, that people did not have any clue about what was happening and they started running. Alito said, “The stabbed people are quite uncooperative with the authorities who are investigating the incident. Chicago police looks for two suspects who were involved in the fight and their investigation is underway. The unfortunate fight and stampede stabbed three people and injured 14 respectively.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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