Esports Rocket League: Spring Champions and New Summer League announced

Esports Rocket League: Spring Champions and New Summer League announced

Players of all ages of the Naperville Park District have been offered an opportunity for the first time to participate in a 3 v 3 esports Rocket League competition this spring in partnership with GGLeagues. GGLeagues is a recreational esports league based in Chicago. Rocket League is a video soccer game that is held in a virtual stadium.

The game features rocket-powered cars playing in a challenging, fast-paced soccer contest with elements of a demolition derby. Many players were attracted by the free introductory session. A successful first season was also launched that provided fun and friendly competition during the stay-at-home order this spring. Playoffs took place on May 30.

First-ever Naperville League Champions is announced by Park District and GGLeagues. They are:

  • Division A Champion: XBG, captain Kent Lullo;

Runner Up: STL, captain James Caddis

  • Division B Champion: Chubby Tubby, captain Charlie Madzinski;

Runner Up: The Moments, captain Nathan P

  • Division C1 Champion: Rage Mode, captain Markie Ruane

Runner Up: RAL Ballers, captain Logan Hoag

  • Division C2 Champion: BJJRGoated, captain Carrie Larson

Runner Up: The Foxes, captain Steve Hagino

From June 24, the new summer Rocket League will start. Registration will open through June 14. Players will be placed in one of three divisions, depending on skill, regardless of age:

  • Naperville Park District Cup – Rocket League Division A: This is the most competitive level league. Players can be at any skill level.
  • Naperville Park District Cup – Rocket League Division B: This the medium level league. Players must be at the gold or platinum skill level; players higher than platinum are not eligible for this division.
  • Naperville Park District Cup – Rocket League Division C: This level is the most beginner-friendly league. Players must be at the gold skill level or below to be eligible.
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