Governor J.B. Pritzker signs the law of Employee’s salary history

J.B Pritzker, governor of Illinois, has signed a bill which prohibits the employer to ask about the salary history to the job applicants. The law will protect the workers by addressing the gap between the pay of men and women.

The new law prohibits employers to ask about the benefits and compensations from the applicants. The job applicants get relief of not telling their salary history to the employers due to this bill. Pritzker’s office released news in which the facts about the pay gap between men and women were revealed. The news revealed, “Women in Illinois make up almost half the workforce.”

Women in Illinois only get 79 of pay which men get in the state although they make up half the workforce. Employers try to get quality work from the women at a discounted rate. Gender equality is the main purpose of this law. Women must have to be appreciated for what they are doing for us, Pritzker said. The law will help the women to get the best wages for their work in the Illinois state.

Pritzker said, “It’s no longer acceptable to wring quality work out of capable women at a discounted rate.” He added, “This law is about the kind of state that we want to become”. According to Pritzker, he wants to make Illinois a state where the women will not be devalued due to their gender. He said, “We want to make a state where we are not devaluing half of our workforce simply because they are women”.

Pritzker has signed the applicant’s salary history bill on Wednesday. The bill addresses the pay gap between the salaries of the men and women in Illinois state. Men are paid more for the same work which women do, according to the press release of Pritzker’s office. The bill will prohibit employers from asking applicants about their salary history. It will stop employers from getting discounts and compensations.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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