Helicopter crash kills three rescue officials in France

Helicopter crash kills three rescue officials in France

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A rescue helicopter crashed during the rescue operation in France. The helicopter was involved in the rescue operation in Paris, the capital of France. Some areas of Paris were damaged due to a devastating flood. Three rescue officials lost their lives in the crash, according to the local media. The bodies of three officials have been recovered.

According to an international news broadcaster, a rescue helicopter, EC145, crashed in Marseille, a city of France. Three rescue officials were present in the helicopter and all of them lost their lives in the crash. French Interior Minister said that the rescue officials were involved in an overnight rescue mission. Six people have died so far in the floods in France.

The dead bodies of the rescue officials have been recovered from the town of Rove. The helicopter lost its contact with the control room after a few minutes of takeoff. A rescue operation was started for finding the helicopter, according to the French officials. The dead bodies of two other people were also found in the town of Rove.

The initial investigators said that the reason behind the crash of the helicopter might be heavy rain and dense fog. It was really difficult for the pilots to see around due to the heavy rain and fog. An inquiry committee has been made for the investigation of the incident. The city of Marseille has been damaged heavily due to the heavy rain and floods.

It has been raining in the southwestern region of France for a week. The dams have reached the emergency water limit and the water has been entered into the residential areas. Six people have lost their lives so far and hundreds of people have become homeless. The crashed helicopter was on an overnight rescue mission. It lost the radio contact with the control room after a few minutes of takeoff. Three rescue officials have lost their lives in the crash. The investigation of the crash is ongoing. An inquiry committee is investigating the crash.

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