French doctor claims coronavirus outbreak started in France before China

French doctor claims coronavirus outbreak started in France before China

The Chinese government confirmed the first case of the coronavirus on December 31, 2019. The officials said at that time, “There are several people in Wuhan, a province of China, who have been suffering from a new disease.” The Chinese officials did not have much information about it at that time. The disease was named “Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)” later on.

The Chinese medical officials investigated the disease and found that the virus started infecting the people of China on November 17, 2019. However, most of the experts think that the outbreak started in China on December 31, 2019. A French doctor is claiming that the virus outbroke in France, possibly before China. He further claimed that it was also a possibility that the outbreak of the coronavirus started in China and France at the same time.

According to Radio France International (RFI), a doctor from Paris, the capital of France, claimed that the coronavirus outbreak initiated in France in December 2019. However, the first coronavirus case was confirmed in France in January 2020. It was the first European country at that time which confirmed the coronavirus. Moreover, the first coronavirus death in Europe was also confirmed in France.

The French officials confirmed the first coronavirus death in the country on February 15. The first person who died of coronavirus in France traveled to Wuhan, where he succumbed to the COVID-19 disease. Now, a doctor is claiming that the coronavirus outbreak started in France in December 2019.

Dr. Yves Cohen claimed in a video statement that his investigation found the first coronavirus case in France was noticed on December 27, 2019. It proves that the coronavirus outbreak started in France before China. Dr. Cohen said that he and his team members checked up 24 patients in two different hospitals who exhibited the same symptoms as of the coronavirus. The tests of those patients resulted in positive for the coronavirus later on, according to him.

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