Mayoral candidate rebukes reports that she exaggerated her extraordinary credentials

Amara Enyia has called reports ridiculous that has told that about her extraordinary running credentials.

Derek Murphy has questioned her ability of completing a triathlon that is referred as the IronMan race through an article on his website.

A social networking website has revealed that she completed less-enduring races.

These reports contradict the self-proclaimed achievements on her website.

Murphy says that this confusion may occur due to the lack of knowledge between the type of races.

Enyia has claimed that she is not a professional runner and this may have caused the confusion.

Enyia also says that she is pointed out because of her success in an field that is not her profession.

Murphy is adamant that he approached her representatives and they said that she completed the IronMan race.

Murphy is trying to expose people who lie to get in the Boston Marathon for the past three years.

Managing editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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