Michael Cohen hired two new lawyers from Chicago

Michael Cohen, former fixer of Donald Trump, has hired two new criminal defense lawyers from Chicago for representing him as he is cooperating with federal and state investigations in the meddling case of Russia’s elections. Cohen is focusing on cooperating with the Special Counsel in the Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Both of these new lawyers will represent Cohen in the congressional investigations. They will also represent him in the talks with Letitia James, who is the Attorney General of New York. Lanny Davis, who is a professional lawyer, will also be a part of Cohen’s lawyer team. Cohen implored guilty in nine cases and he is serving the sentence of three year’s imprisonment. The lawyers said, “Mr. Cohen is taking the responsibilities of his past mistakes and now he is focusing on cooperating with the governmental authorities with honesty”. Trump said him as a liar and a “rat” in his speeches.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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