Muslim community in France under pressure after violent incidents

Muslim community in France under pressure after violent incidents

Paris: The pressure is increasing with every attack, the Muslim community in France is feeling huge pressure after three attacks in the last five weeks.

According to the report of Associated Press, an international news agency, the Muslim community had become suspicious before the beheading of two people and other recent attacks. On the other hand, the French president is backing up his statement. He has ordered to take stiff steps to cope with extremism. The fear has mounted after the killing of three people in a Catholic church in Nice, France, and other violent incidents. The Muslim population in France is feeling huge stress and pressure after these incidents. The French Muslim community claims that the whole Muslim community is considered to be behind those attacks.

Hicham Benaissa, a socialist specialized in Islam in the workplace, said, “It is a troubling situation for Muslims.” He added that some of his Muslim friends had already started thinking about leaving France. “This situation is highly stressful and terrifying,” he noted. Islam is the second-largest religion in France. France has the highest population of Muslims in Europe. However, 5 million Muslims are seen from the perspective of their home country in France. That is why they often suffer from discrimination in this country.

France is following the principles of Secularism. It has no restrictions in terms of freedom of speech. In recent years, the government of France tried to reign in customs practiced by some Muslims. France is trying to amend the secular law that was made in 1905.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, recently defended a person who portrayed the sketch of Prophet Muhammad. Macron also gave an anti-Islam statement. The Muslim world gave an angry response to the statement of Macron. Many countries banned French products to protest against France. A rise in violent incidents has been witnessed in France due to the misuse of freedom of speech.

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