Tick alert in Indiana

The people of Indiana need to worry as there has been a tick alert issued.

A study has been conducted and the field sampling has shown shocking results.

They have found adult and immature ticks in the sampling field. The most worrying this is these ticks are dangerous.

The ticks are carrying bacterium in them that causes Lyme disease in several counties.

The Indiana health officials have taken notice of this news. They have issued a statement.

They said that the growing warm temperature increases the tick activity. They have also said the Hoosiers to protect themselves against the ticks and the tick bites.

On Friday, a statement was given by the Indiana State Department of Health. They said that a study was conducted and they found increase tick growth. The ticks are carrying Lyme causing bacterium in them.

Several counties are already under their attack. The parts include northern, west central, and south central parts of the state.

They have also displayed a map showing the tick infection data. The data is available online for the people to take precautionary steps.

These ticks not only Lyme disease but other diseases as well. They have said that these ticks are also responsible for causing the Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

The Indiana State Department of Health have also given precautionary measures to the people.

The department says that people should refrain from wearing sleeveless and half-sleeve shirt.

The people should wear full sleeve shirts and light colored pants which will help in detecting the ticks in grassy or wooded areas.

They should also use insect repellents and should conduct tick tests from time to time.

People should be really careful when going outdoors. Extra measures should be conducted when playing in grass.

The ticks are hard to detect. Therefore, care is needed.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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