Batteries caught fire after the crash of two trucks in Northwest Indiana

Two semi-trucks crashed with each other at the eastbound lane of I-94 in Northwest Indiana. Extensive delays are expected as the crash occurred ahead of the rush hour of Friday morning. Small flames have been combusted from the trucks due to the catching fire of the batteries.

I-94 is shut-down due to the crash in the Northwest Indiana. Indiana State police gave a statement in which they state, “The crash took place at 3:43 am near Burns Harbor”. A truck driver told the authorities that he stopped the truck on the shoulder of the road as he had to buy a bottle of water. He added, “The emergency lights of my truck were on when a truck hit my vehicle from behind”.

Indiana State Police said, “Another truck driver was eastbound and he was traveling in the right lane. He reached over the passenger seat for picking up something. In the meanwhile, he hot another truck’s trailer”. The second truck continued eastbound after hitting the first truck and get crashed into the barrier, according to the authorities.

The content of the trucks and themselves got opened on the road. One truck had cocoa powder loaded in it while the other one was loaded with 100 pounds of lithium batteries. Police said, “The leakage from batteries combined with cocoa powder which produced small flames”. Both the drivers remained safe in the incident and they were wearing the seat belts, according to police.

“We shut down the expressway and diverted the traffic at the Burns Harbor/Porter exit”, authorities reported. Westbound lane got opened after one hour of the incident while the eastbound lane remained closed by 8:30 am at Friday. Police warned the drivers to take alternative routes as the extended delays were expected dur to the cleanup operation of the road. The leakage from batteries produced flames due to the collision with cocoa powder.

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