National poker player Susie Zhao found dead in Detroit suburb

National poker player Susie Zhao found dead in Detroit suburb

Susie Zhao, a 33-year-old Michigan lady, was found dead in a Detroit suburb on July 13 at around 8:00 am. Zhao played poker on the national level, according to law enforcement officials. The authorities found her body in a badly burned condition. It was hard to imagine that she had enemies.

White Lake Township Police said, “The female subject was badly burned.” The authorities identified the burned remains of the female subject Susie Zhao. Yuval Bronshtein, her former roommate, said, “Surprised, confused, saddened. It is hard to picture her having enemies.” Her former roommate told the media that she had bounced between Los Angeles and Vegas.

She recently moved back to Michigan to spend time with her family. Zhao was ready to face challenges in her personal life, according to Bronshtein. She wanted to live with her parents in Michigan after spending much time in Los Angeles and Vegas. Bart Hanson, a friend and poker rival of Zhao, praised her skills in the field of Poker.

Hanson said, “She really was an excellent player.” She was one of the best poker players at the Commerce Casino. According to Hanson, she was a national talent as a poker player. The Commerce Casino is the biggest poker room in the world. It shows how good a player she was as she was competing well in the world’s biggest poker room.

Hanson said that she was one of the best poker players in Los Angeles. The relevant authorities are investigating the case. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is assisting the local authorities in the investigation. Hanson said, “I never would have thought anyone would have wanted to do anything to her.” The investigating authorities said that the motive behind her death was still unclear. Her friends and family members are shocked by her unbelievable death. Her body was discovered near Pontiac Lake Recreation Area on July 13 in a badly burned condition.

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