Are attacks on Bill Dailey a symbol he’s attaining thrust in Mayor’s race?

Are attacks on Bill Dailey a symbol he’s attaining thrust in Mayor’s race?

Bill Dailey is running for Chicago next mayor’s election. He is finding himself under attacks more likely. Could it be a sign as the trend is shifting toward him in mayor’s election?

According to general public belief, one at the top becomes the target as the competing try to bring him down. If this is the reason than Dailey is gaining some strong position than other candidates.

On Friday Bill Dailey bring his White House time friend Former Vice President Al Gore for an event related to environmental change policies.

Al Gore said that whenever Bill Dailey needs help, he will be there for him.

Lori Lightfoot said to Dailey during Friday night forum, “when Dailey takes endorsement like the one from a local plumbers union than they have an expectation that they’re getting something in return as they are protecting their interests”.

Susana Mendoza continuously attacks Bill Dailey during her conference at City Hall. She said that Dailey said he had conflict than these conflicts should be dangerous.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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