Major Developments in R. Kelly’s case

Major Developments in R. Kelly’s case

There are major developments in the case of accused singer and rapper R. Kelly.

The singer’s attorney has said that Michael Avenatti Charges have made his role in the singer’s case questionable.

The singer himself was not present in the hearing. His attorney defended his absence by saying that R. Kelly is ill.

The attorney has pointed that New York has accused the attorney Michael Avenatti of trying to shake down Nike. This has made his role of giving the prosecutors evidence against the singer questionable.

There was a motion filed by Steve Greenberg, R. Kelly’s attorney, on Monday stating that the accused’s social media and email should be preserved.

There was no judgement made and the judge has set a court date for May 7.

Michael Avenatti is representing two of the alleged victims of R. Kelly. He had gave prosecutors evidence against R. Kelly days before the charges were filed.

There is separate case going on involving the victim’s attorney. There is a cased filed in which Avenatti is accused of telling Nike executives how to generate public outrage using false means. Michael Avenatti has denied those allegations.

Singer’s attorney had withdrew his motion of allowing his client to travel oversees to perform and said that he will again file a motion as the singer has scheduled events in April.

The defendants had said that the rapper has plans to perform in Dubai and meet the members of the Royal family.

Dubai had strongly denied these claims. The Dubai government had given a statement saying that there was no meeting scheduled and no bookings were made by any parties.

He was charged on 10 counts of aggravated assault against underage girls and an adult woman. The charges were made on Feb.22

These charges had come after a documentary about the singer was released. The accused has denied all the allegations.

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