R. Kelly’s ex-wife wants more money from him

R. Kelly’s ex-wife wants more money from him

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Controversy can’t get far away from singer and rapper R. Kelly as his ex-wife demands more money from him. Her ex-wife claims that the defamed singer still owes her $32,000 in interest on the unpaid child support and college tuition for their daughter. She says that if he doesn’t pay up, she wants to have a look at his financial records.

It is reported that R. Kelly had paid her ex-wife, Andrea Kelly about $160,000 last month. The court records show that his ex-wife’s lawyers had filed a motion last week which asked a judge to set a deadline for him to pay the remaining portion of nearly $200,000 he owed after falling months behind on child support payments for the couple’s three children.

In a hearing in May, divorce lawyer Alison Motta had said that their daughter was forced to drop out of college due to stoppage of payments from the singer last year. On Thursday, Motta had tried to serve Kelly’s divorce lawyer with paperwork demanding he bring bank statements, tax returns, pay stubs and property records to court if he hasn’t paid up.

The singer’s lawyer Lisa Damico refused any kind of demands. This meant that Motta will have to try to serve Kelly, who had refused to open the door of his Trump Tower apartment the last time she sent a process server after him. In March, the singer was sent to jail by Judge Lori Rosen after he failed to come up with a portion of what he owed — about $160,000.

The singer had to spend three nights in jail before he was able to generate the money that he owed. Kelly’s criminal defense attorney said on Friday that the singer knows his responsibilities and he will pay whatever he is due to pay. He also said that his client had made payments in May which covers the child support for both June and July.

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