Narendra Modi – bad for India’s soul

Narendra Modi – bad for India’s soul

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India had the biggest election in the world and Narendra Modi had won it. He had made history by winning this election as he becomes the first Indian Prime Minister since 1971 to secure a single-party majority twice in a row. Five years ago, in 2014, his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party had won absolute majority in the lower house of parliament for the first time in its history. Mr. Modi had expanded his parliamentary majority despite a spluttering economy. His victory is not good news for India and the world.

He is a nationalist populist leader who treats minorities as second-class citizens. His party, the BJP is a political wing of Hindu nationalism. A movement that is changing India for the worse. His party and victory is a symbol of flagrant social dominance of upper castes of Hindu society, pro-corporate economic growth, cultural conservatism, misogyny, and a strong grip on the instruments of state power.

His land slide victory is a reflection of dark politics, in which the 195 million Indian Muslims are considered as second-class citizens. Mr. Modi’s right-hand man had termed Muslims as ‘termites’. There were numerous lynching events that were instigated by the dark views of his party. Muslims are the political orphans. The reason for the inequality is not losing the majority Hindu population’s vote.

The Muslims held about 24 seats in parliament before this election which counts to 4% of the total seats. Only 24 seats for 195 million people which accounts for the fewest seats since 1952. Modi is a divisive figure but allures the crowd to himself through his perception that he speaks for the people against the elite despite being a member of the elite.

The biggest proof of him being a member of the elite and corporate world is that he had legitimized opacity in political donations. Congress needs to regroup and go back to the drawing board on how they can defeat Mr. Modi.

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