Qatar Reports 750 further COVID-19 Cases

Qatar Reports 750 further COVID-19 Cases

Gulf state Qatar’s COVID-19 tally is about to reach 100,000. The state has reported 750 more Coronavirus cases within the last 24 hours. Qatar’s Ministry of Health has confirmed the total cases within the state have reached 94, 413, of which the majority is of foreigners. 1,477 people have recovered from the virus and went home, taking the total tally of recovered patients to 78,702.

Currently, 15, 601 patients are battling the disease in the hospitals. 926 patients are in serious condition while 201 are critically ill. In Qatar, 110 people have lost their lives due to COVID-19. Yesterday, 3,462 were tested. The reports will come back within one-two days.

It should be reminded that in view of the spreading coronavirus, last month Qatar’s government pardoned 500 prisoners and released them from prisons. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Qatar’s government made it mandatory for people leaving their houses to wear masks.

Anyone found violating the order could face imprisonment and a fine up to 55,000 dollars. According to Ministry of Health, about 300,000 locals and immigrants are tested so far. Qatar is facing a surge of Coronavirus cases. The positive aspect is that the vast majority of patients are recovering from the virus.

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