New York Times: Narendra Modi is a Hindu Nationalist Prime Minister

New York Times: Narendra Modi is a Hindu Nationalist Prime Minister

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New York Times has declared Indian Prime Minister a Hindu nationalist Prime Minister. New York Times has also raised concerns about the situation of Kashmiris and fear of nuclear clearance in the region.

According to the newspaper, India has a crackdown on the controversial region. Nuclear states India and Pakistan are facing the fear of war over the Kashmir Issue. The United Nations can’t ignore the Kashmir crisis.

The newspaper declared Modi a Hindu nationalist citing that the special status of Indian Occupied Kashmir was removed and a curfew was imposed in the region. Thousands of people have been thrown in jail while the internet and mobile service is also disabled. The International community can’t afford to lose the Indian market because of its size.

However, the Security Council needs to take a clear stance on the issue. The newspaper says that the Indian government has disguised the elimination of Article 370 as a way of prosperity for the Kashmiris but the government wants to change the landscape and demography of the region.

The New York Times has advised the Indian Supreme Court to reinstate the Special Status of Kashmir. Kashmir has been a disputed region between Pakistan and India. Both countries have fought numerous wars with each other for Kashmir. But all of those wars were before they acquired nuclear assets. The international community needs to play its part and intervene to prevent a nuclear war.

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