Gabriella Remillard

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star


Gabriella was born in Minneapolis. In her early childhood, she and her parents moved to Chicago. As Gabriella’s parents worked in the banking sector, they instilled love to numbers in their daughter from her early age. Gabriella got a degree in Economics and for some time she also worked at a bank. Yet, she quickly lost interest in this area and decided to dive into journalism. In the Chicago Morning Star, Gabriella is in charge of economic news. She deals with the interfund market and stock exchange reports, the analysis of budgets of the U.S., Illinois and Chicago, the activities of industrial corporations and the corporate social responsibility of businesses to tell readers about latest news in these spheres. The author is of particular interest in the oil and gas market, both in the USA and globally. Gabriella is intolerant to any kind of discrimination. She is actively engaged in gender equality issues and takes part in women's rights protection movements. In her free time Gabriella prefers reading. Her favorite authors are Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk and Charles Bukowski.

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