Shawn Genzone

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star


Shawn worked for many years in international news departments in regional media throughout the United States. For the past 2few years Shawn has been working in the Chicago Morning Star, specializing in the U.S. foreign policy. This includes the analysis of military and peacekeeping campaigns. He is the one who tells readers about the relations of America with North Korea, the countries of the Persian Gulf and Russia. Shawn also writes about the domestic policy in the U.S., and in particular -Illinois. He keeps an eye on the activities of Donald Trump and the G8 leaders. In the Chicago Morning Star, among other things, he is responsible for the criminal chronicle. Since his childhood he has been keen on basketball. He’s a big fan of Chicago Bulls. Shawn likes to travel and learn national traditions of people from all around the world. He’s already visited more than 50 countries. Shawn neither smokes nor drinks alcohol. When asked about his hobby, he says he promotes healthy lifestyle. In his free time Shawn enjoys being with his family and walking his dog.

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