Illinois News

Chicago Morning Star covers all the significant news and events that take place in Chicago and other cities in Illinois. Among events, you can find Naperville, Aurora, Peoria, Joliet, Rockford, Belleville and many others. We thoroughly monitor all legislative initiatives of the state and cities, analyze the activities of city councils, public and volunteer organizations, the police department, the fire department and the courts.

We focus on the topics of taxation, healthcare, education, Illinois child support and we also keep abreast of social initiatives in the state.

Our editorial team believes that news should not only inform state residents, but also be beneficial to society, that is why we pay special attention to charity exhibitions, fairs, and raising funds to help homeless who have suffered as a result of catastrophes and natural disasters.

We also try to help our readers diversify their leisure time: for this, we talk about cultural events that take place in various cities of the state, in particular, in Naperville and Aurora. The Chicago Morning Star has fresh announcements of art exhibitions, concerts, citywide events in major Illinois cities, and significant events in the sports world.

Our editorial team is confident that by comparing the standard of living and the activities of the service sector in all localities of the state, we can show an objective picture of life in the region. And thanks to information about the cultural and sporting life of Illinois, we hope to make the lives of citizens of Chicago and other cities in the state a little brighter and more diverse.